Reference Projects by Andreas Rauschnabel

Diploma thesis: Creation of a Method Collection for FEM and MBD

Industry of customer: Home appliance technology

Location of customer: Berlin, Bayern, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Period of time / length of contract: September to November 2010

Content of the job:

  • inventory of CAE simulation methods in four different locations for FEM and multibody simulation
  • compilation of typical simulation examples
  • elaboration of selected examples in NX Advanced Simulation (Solution 101,103,153, 601 and 701) and NX Motion
  • didactical preparation of the calculation results to a method documentation

Dynamic Simulation of a Selection Board

Industry of customer: Knitting Machine

Location of customer: Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Period of time / length of contract: March & May 2011

Content of the job:

  • simulation of the dynamic behavior of a selection board during the operation of a knitting machine (Advanced Nonlinear, Solution 601/129, implicit dynamic)
  • calculation of elastic/plastic deformation
  • analysis of occurring contact forces during the course of a process cycle
  • simulation and comparison of additional versions of the selection board

Static Simulation of a Valve with Maximum Flow Around

Client: heating and air conditioning technology

Seat of the client: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Period / duration of the contract: August 2014

Content of the order:

  • Development and construction of the simulation model
  • Examination and evaluation of different possible failure cases
  • Testing and evaluation of different geometry variants
  • Advice on implementing an optimized solution

Flow simulation of a motor compartment

Industry of customer: Producer of forklift trucks

Location of customer: Hamburg, Germany

Period of time / length of contract: December 2010 to February 2011

Content of the job:

  • CFD simulation (NX-Flow) of the flow behavior of cooling air in the motor compartment of two different forklift types
  • preparation of the complex fluid geometry with NX functionality
  • calculation of pressure loss and fluid velocity between inlet and outlet

Evaluation of NX Preprocessing Tools for FE-Simulation in Shipbuilding

Industry of customer: Shipbuilding Industries
Location of customer: Bremen, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: October 2011

Content of the job:

  • midsurface models from the sections of complex solid assemblies 
  • validation of preprocessing functionality in the NX Advanced Simulation Software for the creation of large shell models (Synchronous Modeling, Stich-Edge)
  • meshing of typical 2D geometries from shipbuilding

Automation of FE-Analyzes for Vehicle Components

Industry of customer: Automotive

Location of customer: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Period of time / length of contract: 2012

Content of the job:

  • Automation for applications in the design related simulation
  • Product Template Studio (PTS) and NX Open based Automation method
  • Development and implementation of the automation methodology
  • Creation of automated simulation templates with a particular user interface

Electrostatic (Dielectric) Simulation of a Switchgear

Client: International electrical company

Seat of the client: Germany

Period / duration of the contract: 2020

Content of the order:

  • Simulation of the electric field strength distribution for protection against accidental arcing
  • FEM model creation in NX Simcenter including dielectric material properties
  • Model simplifications with regard to dielectric field calculations
  • Use of the thermal-electrostatic analog, i.e. Using the Nastran Solution 153
  • Comparison of variants to optimize the design

Multibody Simulation of the Assembling of a Gear

Industry of customer: Propulsion technology

Location of customer: Bayern, Germany

Period of time / length of contract: January, July & October 2011

Content of the job:

Multibody simulation of the assembly process (NX-Motion) of a gear for wind power stations

  • checking the system for assembly behavior and clearance durign the assembly processes
  • analyzing the assemly position of the single gear components

Installation and Test of an External Solver under Teamcenter

Customer: Internal project of Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH

Period of time / length of contract: November 2011

Content of the job:

  • installation of „MAGNETICS for NX“ Version 2.0.1 under Teamcenter 8.3 and NX7.5
  • handling of the CAE data structure and the belonging Items (CAE_Analysis, CAE_Model, CAE_Geometry)
  • check for correct data relations (CAE_Target, CAE_Source, CAE_Defining)
  • use of CAE Manager
  • verification of pre and post processor functionality
  • solving and input file transfer
  • return of result file, automatic import in Teamcenter
  • temporary data filing in the Teamcenter-Temp-Folder
  • check for preview functionality
  • calculation of some test models

Wind Load Simulation of a Control Cabinet

Client: International electrical company

Seat of the client: Germany

Period / duration of the contract: 2020

Content of the order:

  • Static structure simulation of an outdoor housing for switchgear
  • Construction of a shell model of the system with welded connections, screws and rivets in Siemens NX / Simcenter
  • Load from possible wind loads depending on the installation location
  • Processing of the pressure distribution from given CFD simulations
  • Assessment of the results with regard to the formation of gaps and deformation
  • Development of improvement measures