1.1 Training Basic Structural Simulation with Simcenter Nastran Sol101,103,105,106,153

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For structure simulations in NX / Simcenter 3D, model preparation, model construction and result evaluation are carried out in the pre / post environment (formerly Advanced Simulation) and NX Nastran is used as a standard solver.
The examples and learning content of this training essentially deal with the FE methods of linear statics, i.e. the Nastran solution SOL 101, which also includes the analysis of assemblies and contacts. Free vibrations (modal analysis) with the SOL 103 solution and temperature analyzes with the SOL 153 / SOL 159 solutions are also explained. Non-linear structural analyzes are processed using the SOL 106 solution, but more complex non-linearities should be calculated in the SOL 601 / SOL 701 solution or with SOL 401, SOL 402 - covered in the advanced seminar "Advanced Nonlinear Methods".

If the participant wishes, the interfaces to other solvers (e.g. Ansys, Abaqus, LS-Dyna) can also be viewed.

The participants of this seminar will be able to build FE models from complex geometry, to simulate them and to evaluate the results.

The optional fourth day can be used to work on specific use cases of the participants and to understand the contents of the training.


3 days


- Basics in dealing with NX
- Basics of technical mechanics

Participant groups

For good efficiency and to maintain confidentiality, all participants (1 to 8) are from the same company.


- Theoretical introduction
          - Stress and strength
          - Functionality of FEM
          - Limits and source of error
          - Quality controle
- CAE-data structure and Master-Model-Concept
- Efficient geometry preparation
          - Synchronous modeling
          - Polygon geometry
- Efficient meshing and mesh control
          - 3D tetrahedral and hexahedral elements
          - Shell elements 
          - 1D and 0D Elements 
- Mesh connections and contacts
- Definition of loads and constraints
- Use of Nastran solution methods
          - SOL 101 (statics and contacts)
          - SOL 103 (modal)
          - SOL 153 / SOL  159 (thermal transfer)
          - SOL 106 (nonlinear statics, basic)
- Case study for static analysis of
          - Components and assemblies
          - Bolted connection 
- Case study for basic nonlinear analysis:
          - Contact 
          - Large displacement 
          - Plastic material behavior
- Case study for parameter optimization with FEM 
- Case study for direct FE-modeling without geometry 


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