2.4 Coupled thermal/fluid analysis training with Simcenter FLOEFD

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Simcenter FLOEFD can be used to solve fluid mechanics tasks, complex thermal problems and coupled thermal/fluid tasks.

This enables one solver each for thermal and fluid mechanical calculations, which can be coupled with each other if required. In this seminar, we will cover the methodology for coupling the fluid mechanical and thermal solvers.


3 days


- Working with 3D CAD models in NX 


For good efficiency and to maintain confidentiality, all participants (1 to 8) are from the same company.


- Fundamentals of heat transport processes
- Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and numerical mathematics
- Methodology for thermal and CFD analyses
- Methodology for coupled fluid mechanical and thermal analyses (Conjugate Heat Transfer - CHT)
- Networking, network controls
- Boundary conditions
- Turbulence model selection
- Initial conditions
- Material properties
- Recommendations for convergence control
- Solving and control of the solution progress
- Post-processing: temperature distribution, temperature gradients, heat flows, convection coefficients
- Flow velocities, pressure distribution, forces and moments
- Interpretation of the results
- quality assurance
- Case studies: Cast housing, power electronics, etc.

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