Overview of Training Courses

We have packed numerous important simulation options that are available at Simcenter into training courses. When it comes to the scope, we have mostly based ourselves on the respective license packages. Choosing the right training course is certainly not easy for you. So, just give us a call to discuss which training is right for you. The following is a structured list of the training courses we offer. If you select a link, the detailed description appears.

After selecting a link, the detailed training description follows below

3.1 Basic Electromagnetics (EM) Analysis with Simcenter NX-Magnetics

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2 days


The MAGNETICS for Simcenter module, also known as NX-Magnetics, which is trained in this seminar, opens up possibilities for simulating complex electrodynamic models.

EM-Analyse NX CAD and Simcenter 3D are used as preprocessors and postprocessors, while MAGNETICS is used as a solver. This seminar shows basic methods and functionalities of the module and can be extended to the analysis of electrical machines, EM / thermal or high frequency analysis.
The participants of this seminar are provided with many tips, tricks and experiences, which are always presented on the basis of specific case studies


- Basic knowledge of 3D CAD with NX
- Basics in dealing with Simcenter 3D
- Fundamentals of electrodynamics


- Installation of MAGNETICS for NX
- Material properties and libraries
- Electrostatic analysis
- Magnetostatic analysis in 2D and 3D, electric fields and forces
- Using nonlinear material properties (B-H curve)
- Calculation of deformations from magnetic forces
  (coupling with NX Nastran and internal Elasticitysolver)
- Transient magneto dynamic analysis
- Analysis of temperature or the heating process of conductor,
  static and transient
- Magnetodynamic analysis in the frequency range
- Calculate inductance and phase shift