4.2 Training Multibody Dynamics with Simcenter Motion

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For the design of a moving system, degrees of freedom and dynamic properties are often of great importance. With Simcenter Motion, the dynamic behavior of complex systems can be calculated and evaluated.

So contacts, flexible bodies, non-linear springs and dampers can be used in the mechanisms. Mechanisms can thus be designed with regard to their dynamics, for example, by optimizing the mass and inertia properties of the moving parts, or spring-damper systems are designed for the desired sequence of movements. Vibration absorbers may be mentioned for this application, for example.

Building on the "Kinematics for Designers" training, this training examines the dynamic behavior of moving bodies with Simcenter Motion. The seminar imparts the necessary methods for the successful dynamic analysis of complex models. The contents and applications are comprehensively reproduced using clear exercise examples.


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- Basics in dealing with the NX system
- Knowledge of technical mechanics
- Seminar "Kinematics for Designers"

Participant groups

For good efficiency and to maintain confidentiality, all participants (1 to 8) are from the same company.


- Mechanical basics of dynamics
- Methods of dynamic analysis with motion
- Pre- and post-processor
- springs, dampers, bushings
- Forces and moments
- contact models
- friction
- Determination of mass properties
- Load transfer (reaction forces as load for FEA)
- Use of flexible bodies
- Solver (NX Motion, Simcenter Motion, RecurDyn, Adams)

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