Overview of Training Courses

We have packed numerous important simulation options that are available at Simcenter into training courses. When it comes to the scope, we have mostly based ourselves on the respective license packages. Choosing the right training course is certainly not easy for you. So, just give us a call to discuss which training is right for you. The following is a structured list of the training courses we offer. If you select a link, the detailed description appears.

After selecting a link, the detailed training description follows below

4.4 Animation Designer

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1 day


It often makes sense to look at the designed assemblies of mechanical systems in a moving state and thus to collect information about motion sequences, positions, distances and collisions. A quick and easy process and close proximity to the construction are crucial.

In this seminar, the participants learn how to use the Animation Designer to derive kinematic models directly from the NX design, to analyze them and to evaluate the results.


- Design experience with Siemens NX
- Fundamentals of technical mechanics


- Introduction and basics
- Creation of rigid groups
- Definition of joints and couplers
- Definition of drives / motors
- Use of the timeline browser
- Execution of the simulation
- Evaluation of the movements