Overview of Training Courses

We have packed numerous important simulation options that are available at Simcenter into training courses. When it comes to the scope, we have mostly based ourselves on the respective license packages. Choosing the right training course is certainly not easy for you. So, just give us a call to discuss which training is right for you. The following is a structured list of the training courses we offer. If you select a link, the detailed description appears.

After selecting a link, the detailed training description follows below

7.2 Advanced Meshing

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1 day


High quality elements are the basis for successful finite element analyzes. It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to this part of the simulation process.

This seminar is aimed at simulation engineers who want to generate and calculate high-quality FE meshes with the Simcenter Pre / Post functionalities. Both 3D solid meshes and 2D surface meshes are treated here. In addition, special processes such as mesh morphing and batch meshing are highlighted. The meshes created can be checked using the solver-specific quality criteria and thus optimally prepared for the desired solver (in addition to Nastran, ANSYS, ABAQUS, LSDYNA, among others).


- Geometry preparation
- Creation of 2D meshes (unstructured and structured)
- Creation of 3D meshes (tetrahedron, hexahedral, pyramids and prism elements, hybrid meshes)
- Creation of compliant and non-compliant mesh transitions, mesh mating
- Manual creation and processing of FE meshes
- Import and further processing of foreign meshes
- Control of the elements via mesh controls
- Mesh morphing
- Batch meshing
- Quality checks